Pulitzer Prize for Journalism

Newsday Pulitzer Prize awards during my career as Special Photographer 

Newsday, Long Island NY.


During my 29-year career, Newsday was awarded the Pulitzer Prize 14 times and named a Pulitzer Prize finalist 18 times. Newsday was consistently rated in the top ten of large circulation newspapers in America during my time as a staff photographer.

Three Pulitzer Prize awards I shared with the staff for my photographic contributions: 

1997 Winner- Spot News Reporting

Staff of Newsday, Long Island, NY

Crash of TWA Flight 800

“Staff award for a distinguished example of local reporting of spot news. For its enterprising coverage of the crash of TWA Flight 800 and its aftermath.”


2004 Finalist- Breaking News Reporting

Staff of Newsday, Long Island, NY 

“For its enterprising coverage of the summertime blackout that stretched over a vast area of the United States and cut the paper's own power supply as deadlines loomed.”


1991 Finalist- Spot News Photography

Photo Staff of Newsday Long Island, New York. 

“For photographs taken after the crash of Avianca Flight 52 in Cove Neck, New York.”


Pulitzer Prize Nominations for Daniel Goodrich by the editor’s of Newsday for Feature Photography

1996-Summer at Jones Beach, Long Island.

1988-Coverage of Pope John Paul II during his visit to the United States.